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We have currently stopped the sale of day tickets to limit the number of people on the river at any one time. When this short term measure changes we will post notice.

Guidelines when fishing the river in this current climate are as follows-

  • Social distancing measures must be adhered to- unless doing so with members of your immediate household (your children etc), fishing at a minimum of 2 rod lengths is essential.

  • There can be no borrowing/lending/transfer of tackle/landing nets etc between anglers when on the river. Zero contact at all times. 

  • If traveling to and from the river by car we would insist anglers do so again only with members of their immediate household. 

  • Be mindful as to what is an acceptable distance to travel- the vast majority of our members live either in Comber or a short distance away- if you fall outside this category think hard about whether this is appropriate (current government guidance on travel for recreation).

  • If parking close to the river please be considerate of local residents- many people are sensitive as to what is going on now and may not want cars parked and people coming and going close to their property. 

  • Please limit the time you spend on the river- we envisage reopening potentially being busy and want to offer all members/season ticket holders the opportunity to fish. Spending any more than a few hours out (full/half days etc) is not acceptable. If you do make your way to the river and it is busy please consider returning later/another day. 

  • Many fisheries/clubs are asking members to use hand sanitizer. As we have no facilities and for the most part do not cross any boundaries (gates/fences etc) we ask that you do so only if you feel it is necessary. Everyone is currently expected to regularly wash their hands irrespective of angling. 

  • Do not attend the river if you show any of the symptoms currently associated with covid-19- continuous cough, high temperature/fever, any flu like symptoms.

Tight lines and stay safe. 


The aim of the IAC's site is to allow fellow club members and season ticket holders to stay in touch with each other, post regular reports & information, pass on any helpful tips and advice, or just simply have a chin-wag.

It will also give the visiting angler the latest information on conditions, day ticket prices and fishing restrictions.

Anyone with a story to tell or images that they would like shown on the main site should email submissions to:

Remember, this is your site! All ideas, feedback & suggestions are most welcome.

You can also follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

Tight lines!

"...I was down on Friday on a day ticket. First time fishing the river and firstly have to say it is fantastic. Very accessible and great fishing to be had....
Kind regards, and great work on the river" 
- Darragh

Please note: Full access to the forum, blog, video and images sections are restricted to club members and season ticket holders only

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Please note: Competitions are only open to full members and subject to weather conditions


Sunday 1 March 2020


For further information please visit the Club Forum

 24hr Pollution Hotline
   0800 807060

 ALL fish be released unharmed

Barbless hook be used

Check out this video for tips on how to safely practice catch and release. 

We have also created a new Catch Return Form to make submissions easier


Keep us updated with all your adventures on the river either by tweeting us at @inleranglers or by emailing Show off your catches, give us an idea as to how the river is fishing or tell us about any blanks. Whatever's on the go fish-wise just get in touch and tell us all about it.

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